Why Choose Medex?

About Medex International

Founded and operated by a prosthetist.

Medex manufactures the highest quality prosthetic parts for prosthetists, with patients in mind. We are driven to provide unsurpassed value without compromising quality.

Member of AOPA

At Medex, manufacturing doesn't just begin with preparing technical drawings of parts; it begins at finding out the needs of prosthetic clinics and the myriad of demands of the lower-limb amputees that they serve. A simple example is Mr. Celebi's US Patent #6,402,790, which is the first of the sectors angularly adjustable foot. As a prosthetist, Mr. Celebi fitted female patients wanting to wear both athletic and high-heeled shoes, and the practice at the time was to prepare individual feet for each different heel height and to teach the patient how to detach and reattach the feet herself. The Medex manufacturing process begins with identifying needs like these, and designing the most appropriate solutions for them.

Sometimes, however, the need is not a new design, but a lighter, stronger, sleeker design, or one of higher quality and better value than the standard parts that have been used in the market for decades. Medex carefully selects its certified raw materials for this reason. The part materials are always: stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, alloys specifically selected for their high-performance material characteristics. Medex uses both vertical and horizontal CNC machines to shape its parts using premium cutting tools and fluids. After the CNC machining process for a part is completed, each part is individually deburred by hand, washed, and laser-printed.

The entire Medex manufacturing process conforms to the CE Medical Devices Directives for production of external limb prosthesis and accessories. Any Medex part can be traced from its initial conception to its final user and all quality control procedures throughout the process are well-documented. That is why each part has two numbers, a lot number and a BD code. The BD number, which is laser-marked on the part, is the birthday of the part and identifies its batch date. On the product label, affixed to the product bag or box, is the lot number. It is assigned to different parts from different batches and identifies when a group of products have left the Medex manufacturing site. None of these quality control procedures are required in the sector, but are evidence of the Medex dedication to providing the best possible solutions in the field of lower limb prosthetics.